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COMBO is dedicated to projects conceived and championed by classical musicians, their labels or their agents. 

Guided by our ability to listen and our exacting standards, we are committed to serving artists who are open-minded and curious. Our passion for music drives us to provide support that respects and enhances the individuality of each musician.

Working alongside both established and emerging artists, we take a practical, cross-disciplinary, tailor-made approach to administration, production, concerts booking and fundraising.

After ten years as administrators and production managers for various independent orchestras (Les Siècles, Orchestre Français des Jeunes, Les Dissonances), Marielle Cohen and Jérémie Pérez created COMBO in March 2018.

With a wealth of complementary experience in developing artists' projects, we gave birth to this long-conceived idea. We are thus pursuing our professional path alongside musicians whose vision and commitment we share.

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