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A book can be read, a painting looked at, but music does not exist unless it is played or recorded.

The cornerstone of all the association's activities is the research project, the exhumation of manuscripts and the reading of scores by a group of prestigious musicians.

Reading sessions are organised for manuscripts and first editions. The music read during these sessions has often been the subject of a veritable 'treasure hunt' before finding its way to the musicians' music stands: international libraries, descendants' attics, publishers' archives, etc.

On the basis of the collective's discoveries we build our action plans to bring this unheard-of repertoire to the widest audience possible.

By setting very high standards for the works we select, and by entrusting them to the greatest performers as well as to young talent, we ensure that they can be performed in a setting other than our own.

To carry out its mission of disseminating and expanding the body of works by women composers, we propose a 360° field of action.


Today, Elles Women Composers is :

A festival

A record label

A video channel

Musical editions

COMBO supports Elles Women Composers in its general administration.

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