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Complete works by Louis Couperin

Since his very first solo album, recorded 10 years ago in 2013, Jean Rondeau has taken his listeners on a vast musical journey: from the beginnings of sixteenth-century harpsichord music to the limits of what the instrument can do in the twentieth century, he has brought to light the joy of Bach, the virtuosity of Scarlatti, the genius of Rameau, the grace and depth of composers such as John Bull and William Byrd, and many other musical adventures.

In deciding to record the complete keyboard works of Louis Couperin (8 CDs - Erato Warner release - late 2026), Jean Rondeau will explore music that lies not only at the heart of the harpsichord repertoire, but also at the very core of his musical identity, going back to the beginning of his own journey as a harpsichordist.

COMBO is accompanying Jean Rondeau in the organization and administration of the Louis Couperin complete works project.

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