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Created at the initiative of cellist and conductor Victor Julien-Laferrière, the Consuelo Orchestra has actually existed since 2019 under another name, the Orchestra of the Friends of Brahms. After promising beginnings (notably in a Brahms program in 2019, then in Mahler's 4th symphony in 2020), the time has come to structure itself and to establish itself in the long term. It has placed itself under the tutelary and literary figure of Consuelo, the most musical of novel heroines by the most musical of novelists, George Sand. The ensemble, with a variable geometry of between 15 and 50 musicians, has set itself the mission of approaching the symphonic repertoire through the prism and with the demands of chamber music, under the musical direction of Victor Julien-Laferrière, who, by virtue of his passion and musical profile, is at the frontier of these worlds.


Composed of "chamber musicians", often young, from the best trios, quartets and quintets, the Orchestre Consuelo not only tackles the rich repertoire of chamber orchestras, but also has the vocation of bringing to places that cannot traditionally accommodate it, entire sections of the symphonic repertoire from Schubert to Mahler, via Brahms and Ravel, through versions or reductions, often true masterpieces of orchestration in themselves.

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COMBO is working with Orchestre Consuelo for their development and administration

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