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Corina Belcea, violin

Suyeon Kang, violin

Krzysztof Chorzelski, viola

Antoine Lederlin, cello

"The most striking thing […] was its spirit of freedom"

Passion, coupled with precision, unheard-of expressivity and pure emotion characterize the concerts of the Belcea Quartet. With the Romanian violinist Corina Belcea, the Korean-Australian Suyeon Kang on second violin, the Polish violist Krzysztof Chorzelski and the French cellist Antoine Lederlin, four different artistic provenances meet and unite to create unique excellence.

„No other recent performances surpass these for their mellifluous blend of sound and the naturalness with which the six players allow the music to flow, not too emphatic, but always giving the music its full weight and significance. The music glows, as Brahms surely intended it should.”

Financial Times, March 2022


Jérémie Pérez

+33 6 31 89 59 41

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