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Smoking Joséphine – five dazzling virtuosi and an intriguing name.... These accomplished soloists don't hesitate to use their string quintet as a playground, leaving the pomp and circumstance of the concert hall behind them. These Smoking Joséphines love making music together, giving full rein to their rich and innovative imagination.

They have been flourishing since they were launched  in 2017 at the instigation of Geneviève Laurenceau, sharing this spirit with their audiences. These exceptional musicians radiate  spontaneity, charm and humour.  Whether they are reinventing great classics or performing a perfect tango, their music is full of passion

Geneviève Laurenceau, Olivia Hughes/Fanny Robilliard (violins), Marie Chilemme (viola), Hermine Horiot (cello) et Lorraine Campet (double bass)

COMBO is working with Smoking Joséphine for concerts & artistic planning management.

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